Pastor History

Following is a list of pastors who have led Tallaweka Baptist Church since 1951. With God’s help and in accordance with His Divine Plan, these pastors, along with their staff and our members, have¬†brought our church to where we are today.

2009-Present Isaac Kervin

2003-2008 Todd Smith
1996-2001 Lynn Hughston
1993-1995 David Atchison
1991-1993 Pat H. Nobles
1986-1990 Norman Wood
1983-1986 C. Robert Karcher
1981-1982 John D. Pennington Jr.
1978-1980 David O. Dykes
1975-1977 Larry T. Wimberly
1968-1974 Samuel M. Brown
1965-1968 Joseph R. Dykes
1963-1965 David L. Czachurski
1961-1962 David Barrentine
1956-1961 Howard N. Anderson
1951-1956 Thomas M. Hunter