Our Staff

The personality of a church depends on its people and its leadership. Church leaders cannot be effective unless the people have a kind, loving heart with a willingness to serve God.

Additionally, we know a successful church requires strong, committed leadership. First and foremost, it is essential that God directs every aspect of His Church through His people and His Leaders. We feel that Tallaweka Baptist has very strong leadership in Brother Kervin and Brother Fuller. They, along with our deacons, our teachers, our ushers, our cooks, our greeters, and all our other volunteers, help Tallaweka Baptist serve this community by spreading the Good News or Jesus Christ and serving the needs of our community. We invite you to get to know our Pastor and Worship Leader, and our members. Further, we trust that the relationship with us will be a blessing to you.

Pastor – Isaac Kervin



Worship Leader – Arnold Fuller