Am I Born Again?

What does it mean to be Born Again?

Born again means trusting in what God’s Word says about you and about Jesus. It means you have accepted Jesus in your heart as your Lord and Savior. By this act of faith, you receive the free gift of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

  • The Bible says that all people are born under the curse of sin. This means that we are born sinners. God tells us that all are unrighteous and have fallen short of His perfection.
  • Because of this sin, the penalty for it is death. God tells us that the wages of sin is death.
  • The Good News of Jesus Christ, however, gives every person an opportunity to have their sin wiped away from them forever.
  • God loves us so much and desires for you to know Him, that He sent Christ as the replacement for your sins. God placed all of your sins on Christ at the Cross.
  • When Christ died on the cross, He took with Him the guilt, shame, punishment and condemnation that belonged to you to the grave
  • However, Jesus did not stay in the grave. God’s Word says three days later Christ arose from the grave; defeating death and sin
  • God tells us that Christ has now been highly exalted above all things and all authority has been given to Him.
  • To be born again and born anew, as a sinner, you must confess your sinful state to God.
  • Then by faith, trust in Christ as your payment for your sin. Believe on Him as the resurrected Savior and confess that He is God’s Son
  • God tells us that once you confess your sinful condition and that you believe on the name of Christ you shall be saved. Doing this gives you NEW life. Making you born anew or born again
  • If you have recently put your faith and trust in Christ as your Savior, then tell someone of your decision. Follow Christ in obedience and make your profession public through baptism by immersion and find a church home that preaches God’s word

How do I become Born Again?

God says to confess that we believe on the name of Jesus (Romans 10). Make our profession of faith public through water baptism by immersion. If you have just given your life to Christ, let us welcome you to the family of God. The Bible says that all of Heaven is rejoicing over your decision. God desires to transform you for the rest of your life. Allow Him to live through you as you are obedient to His word.

It doesn’t stop there. At Tallaweka Baptist Church, we want to help along your spiritual journey. Growing in your faith is very important about your brothers and sisters in Christ are here to help. If you are not from the Tallassee area, join the fellowship of a Bible believing, New Testament Church near you.

Please feel from to contact us if we can be of help in any way.